Meet The Gang !


Sqwawk the loud mouthed parrot that likes to make his point heard but look out if you've got grapes you wont have for long. 


Katie is still a bit nervous but she's always up for a party and with her wardrobe shes ready for every kind.


Lady MIP

The MIPs MIP and Lady MIP these two troublemakers are always cheeky but I know you'll like them as they give out sweets


Did you hear that ? where there's the MIPs there's Miposaur the robo dinosaur is just as cheeky as the MIPs but insead of giving you sweets he takes 'em so either eat them quick or hide them if you can

So you want to find out a little bit more about Sqwawk , Katie and their robotic freinds so its time to say hi.

Kids Parties

We can cater for children's parties for all ages, if your child wants something as simple as music and lights or they prefer games and mayhem, that's no problem. If requested we can provide bubble machines, snow machines and children's karaoke. We play a host of games according to age and ability, our aim is always to keep all of the children involved all of the time "BOREDOM IS NOT AN OPTION !"